Educate Through Charity

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Imparting Skills That Change Lives

The only way to empower a generation is to give them training, trades, and skills. When people have the power that comes with the skills they gain, they can change their lives forever.

At Bryson Education, our focus is on empowering people by imparting them with the knowledge and skills to pursue different sources of livelihood. We are happy when we see people taking control of their lives and excelling in different fields from our guidance.

Everyday Skills for Life

Among the skills, we impart include computer, catering and hospitality, clothing construction and design, tailoring, baking, knitting, hair and beauty, and video and photography among others.

Most of these are easy to master skills (no engineering or software development) and most trainees are eager to learn one or the other.

Every Woman and Youth Should Receive Skills for Personal Development

Initially, Bryson Education started as a platform where marginalized women and girls could garner knowledge and skills to help them achieve independence. Today, we are open to young people and all other people who need us. Our goal is to see every woman and youth empowered to live independently without grants from NGOs or any other bodies.

We mostly target the marginalized groups who may not have received a formal education or who need skills that can help them earn a livelihood. We oversee the training of these marginalized groups starting with life skills training and on to hands-on learning.

The skills we impart empower the recipients, give them confidence, and make them employable. We also help the trainees look for jobs by educating them on job-seeking skills, how to write a CV, and how to be picked in an interview. Our lessons act as a stepping stone for the trainees to join the workforce. By gaining skills that help you earn a wage, you are able to break from the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Importance of Vocational Training

Employers are looking for individuals who possess both academic and vocational skills – but sometimes the importance of vocational training gets overlooked

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