Key Stage 2

Each of the following resources can be put together by teachers using either the resources on this website or by contacting us where a classroom visit is available.

Sort It Out Presentation

Looks at the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle message in detail, focusing on what happens to the materials after they are collected for recycling and where they came from in the first pace. Follow up worksheets are available for downloading by teachers.


The Energy Efficiency programme is available as a one hour presentation for Key Stage Two classes and can be delivered to one or more classes at a time.

During the presentation the pupils learn what energy is, how we all use energy in our daily lives, why energy efficiency is a good idea and what we can all do to reduce the amount of energy we use in our homes and schools, saving us all money and helping to protect the environment.

Product Placement

An investigation into a selection of products and packaging. What are they made of? Where did they come from? Can they be recycled? In groups, the class will examine the products and record their observations.

Composting Critters

Nature recycles all the waste it produces. Learn about some of the interesting creatures that recycle for nature and how they do it. Can include a minibeast hunt in the school grounds.

In The Can (Drama)

A fun, easy way to learn about where aluminium comes from and the damage done to the rainforest acquiring it.