Bryson Education Unit

Bryson Charitable Group is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest charities, serving the community since 1906.

Much research exists that supports the theory that if we are to influence behaviour, the earlier people are introduced to the topic the better. Habits like recycling and energy efficiency can be learnt at a young age and then reinforced right through school and into adult life.

The Bryson Education Unit currently delivers two education programmes to schools in Northern Ireland.

Sort It Out! has been designed to not only deliver the serious message on waste minimisation in a fun and interesting way, but also to fit in with the Revised Curriculum for Northern Ireland. The main aim is to promote the message of the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle, both in school and at home. This is achieved using a variety of interventions, depending on resources available and what the teacher or school requires. If possible, we use a combination of approaches over one or several visits to a class or school.

Sort It Out! is available to primary and post primary schools in selected areas only. Please ring to check availability in your area.

The Energy Efficiency Education Programme delivers a one-hour classroom session to Key Stage Two pupils on sources of energy, efficiency measures and why efficiency is important.