Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

This means trying to produce as little rubbish as possible. It is the hardest of the 3Rs to understand, as it is to do with stuff that isn’t there!

Much of what ends up in the bin is packaging from food and other products. Trying to buy things that have as little packaging as possible is a good way of reducing our rubbish and remember, all that fancy packaging isn’t free!

Another way of reducing rubbish is to buy less stuff in the first place. Often we are tempted into buying things we don’t want or need by sales and special offers. Often this extra stuff ends up being thrown away as we never really needed it in the first place.

Taking a shopping list and sticking to it, is a good way to avoid being tempted by special offers for products you don’t need.

Tell your Mum, Dad or whoever does the shopping about how we can all reduce our rubbish by reducing the amount of packaging on what we buy.

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Re-use means to use something over again when you have finished with it.

Many of us reuse stuff every day without even knowing we are doing it. If you take your lunch, P.E. kit or swimming stuff to school in a supermarket plastic bag, you are reusing that plastic bag. If you use old newspapers to cover the table when you are painting, you are reusing the newspapers. If you refill an empty plastic bottle with water or juice to take to school or to the park, you are reusing the plastic bottle.

Often when we reuse, we reduce at the same time. If you think about the example of the plastic bottle, every time you fill a bottle up again, you have not had to buy a new one. Reusing the same plastic bottle at school reduces your rubbish by 5 plastic bottles every week!

Other good ways of reusing are giving clothes, toys and books you no longer want to friends or family or to a charity shop, selling them on ebay or Freecycle them. Freecycle is a web group where people give away things they no longer want. All of these ensure useful things are used again instead of being wasted and ending up in the landfill site.

If we use our imagination, there are many ways we can all reuse things that other people think of as rubbish.

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