Operations Manager

Aileen Monahan, Bryson Recycling

I have been working in my current position in Bryson Recycling since 2004. I am responsible for a fleet of 37 kerbside collection vehicles working on 5 different contracts. I line manage 5 supervisors and 100 collection staff.

In addition to this I am responsible for the ISO standards 14001 and 9002. These are standards we have to work to which ensure our work is of a high quality and is carried out to high environmental principles.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1995 with a degree in Environmental Studies. I have previously worked as a Learning and Development Officer in a contact centre. Prior to this I have travelled and worked in several countries.

As an operations manager, I am required to be able to deal with a wide variety of tasks. These include the day to day issues that arise, such as problems with staff, along with the planning and implementation of new (recycling) contracts e.g. with Councils and amendments to existing contracts.

My role can be very demanding and requires me to be able to resolve issues quickly and effectively. I find this aspect of my work enjoyable.

As an employee of Bryson Recycling, I have the opportunity to work within an organisation that is run in line with my own ethics.

Bryson Recycling is a social enterprise company owned by Bryson Charitable Group. This means profits go back into the Charity.