Education Co-Ordinator

George Lyttle, Bryson Education, Northern Ireland Energy Agency

I have been working for Bryson Education for over 11 years! I started as an assistant to the education officers and I now manage the department and a team of staff who work in schools all over Northern Ireland.

I have always been interested in the environment and studied environmental biology at Queens University in Belfast, but never considered working in schools with young people until I started my job in Bryson all those years ago.

Every day is different and over a week I might be running a workshop on paper recycling, giving talks in schools, writing material for our website, going to meetings to find out about new recycling schemes, contacting schools to book in visits and working in the office to produce new ideas for activities in schools.

Over the last few years I have been involved in producing a DVD on recycling, helped in the development of new web sites (including this one), run schemes to provide schools with a wormery, assessed schools for their Eco-School awards, written articles for magazines and worked with thousands of young people in hundreds of schools!

With all this variety, it is never boring and I get great job satisfaction knowing that my work is helping to protect the environment for everybody to enjoy.